When Should you come to Junagadh?
While visiting the new place, tourists often don’t consider or think what is the best time or season to visit a particular place. The weather and season can really change the mood of the place hence your visiting experience. It is advisable to research the best time to visit a particular place before visiting it. Here we explain when you should visit Junagadh and what should you expect during the visit.

Winter is probably the best time to visit Junagadh. The temperature is just perfect to roam around the city all day long. Now that the ropeway is built one might not care about the stair root of climbing the mountain. But if you are adventure junkie, and want to go by stairs or want to explore the other parts of the mountains, Winter will be the best time to do it.

The two big events Parikrama and Mahashivratri mela are also organised during the start and end of the winter. These are the times when Junagadh is most crowded, colourful and celebration ready. You can plan or avoid your visit during those events accordingly.

Monsoon is the time when Girnar and its surroundings look most wonderful. The rain makes jungle green and dams full. But at the same time, it makes exploring a bit difficult. It rains heavily during the day can ruin your plans, especially treks. Adding up to the problem, Gir national park is also usually closed during the monsoon time because of the mating time for the lions.

The summers in Junagadh are little hot but manageable. This is the time when all kids are on vacation and the whole family can take a trip without any worries. Treks in Jungle and road trip to beaches nearby can help you forget the scorching heat of the summer. But we would advise you to opt for the rooms with air conditioning and avoid outings during 2-5 PM. And yes, don’t forget to apply sunscreen before you go out!

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Happy Travelling!